Officially unlocked Apple iPhone 4 is available through Infibeam’s website in India. None of the other retailers have it. And none of the carriers have it. Just Infibeam. Blogosphere is speculating that this is a gray market phone which Infibeam has procured.

Apple which is never shy of publicity couldn’t have launched its product with zero publicity. If Apple chose to ignore the carriers, like it is planning to do with its special SIM in European markets, it would have gotten on-board with the top retailers or distributors. Not just one or two but a whole bunch of them. And every one would be more than happy to rub shoulders with Apple.


Apple which is getting retailers like WalMart and Target to sell its iPads in the US could have used the same strategy in India as well. It might have chosen Infibeam. I don’t think Infibeam has the chutzpah to sell iPhone without Apple’s approval and attract lawsuits – which by the way is Apple’s most favorite pastime. I chose to give Infibeam a benefit of doubt. If not, they are in some serious trouble.

Coming back to the iPhone 4, I can’t say something which isn’t already said. This is the famous prototype which is lost in the California bar and Engadget has bought it for $5000 only to duly return it back to Apple.

Infibeam has the following price tags.

  • Apple IPhone 4G 16 GB (Officially Unlocked) – Rs. 38,299/-
  • Apple IPhone 4G 32 GB (Officially Unlocked)Black / white  – Rs. 43,479/-

Yes there is the vintage white iPhone which looks pretty darn cool. With that kind of a price, suddenly Samsung Galaxy Tab looks cheaper.

As for the review, it’s iPhone, you don’t review an iPhone. You buy it or you don’t.

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