Spice Mobiles, which has brought India’s first 3D phone, View D is at it again. Spice has launched two 3G+2G dual SIM QWERTY mobile phones for Indian market. Spice is thinking ahead of the competition. When everyone else were testing the waters of dual SIM segment, Spice has already entered it. If the regular dual-SIM phones of GSM+GSM or GSM+CDMA have swept the last two quarters of the market then a 3G+2G dual SIM phones might be the flavor for the next two quarters. (Also read 3G Dual SIM Phones)

For Spice QT-95 everything comes in two numbers. It has a dual SIM slots –  oneQT-95 for 3G SIM and the other for 2G SIM. Spice QT-95 doesn’t just stop at the feat of 3G+2G SIM’s. It has gone one step ahead. QT-95 has dual camera, a front-facing and a rear facing camera to facilitate video calling. It also has a dual memory card slots.

Spice QT-95 camera is 3.2 megapixel camera, has Wi-Fi, EDGE and it has the QWERTY keyboard. Price is just Rs. 5499. This probably is one of the cheapest 3G phones available on the market. Other details like battery life and app support are not readily available.

qt-68 Spice QT-68 is another phone launched by Spice for the price of Rs. 4999. The only difference between QT 95 and QT 68 is the video calling feature. QT 68 doesn’t have a front-facing camera. Everything else – dual sim’s, dual memory cards and QWERTY- are common between QT-68 and QT-95.

If someone goes the extra mile and launches a dual 3G-SIM phone then I would be hugely disappointed. A fierce competition in the 3G space isn’t expected as there are only 3 private players along with BSNL. The rate plans wouldn’t change much and a 2G kind of rate cuts cannot be expected. If that is the case then a dual-3G-SIM phone would be useless.

Dual-SIM phones with 3G+2G will rule the next two quarters.

[Images via foneArena]

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  1. Yah..That is a perfect post. 2G+3G or in recent times 3G+3G available in different forms may be with a combination GSM+GSM or GSM+CDMA or CDMA+GSM or CDMA+CDMA any thing. But you remember you get something out of scuh Smartphones. Anyway, thanks for nice info.