Huawei which is selling unbranded mobile phones to Indian telcos is saying why not? Huawei says : “Let us enter the retail market and see what’s the fuss is all about.” I wanted to track the set of new launches and new manufacturers and has realized that it would be a futile exercise. Huawei has just proved that.

Huawei is apparently studying the Indian market for a while and feels the time is now to Huawei-Android take the plunge. With 3G already launched by some and to be launched by some, it is very well poised to grab a sliver of the 3G devices market share. To start with it will launch its Hangout series which is aimed at style freaks.

Huawei’s Android series of phones are for the smartphone wannabes. Cheapest Android series phone will be a sub-10K range and its most expensive will compete with the likes of Samsung and Nokia. There are 34 Android phones already launched and the trends are clear. Huawei has to compete on features and price. sub-10K is one area where quite a bit of vaccuum is left. Micromax A60, Videocon Zeus, Spice Mi300 are the three phones which Huawei’s Android has to compete. It should take a look at the the 10 cheapest Android phones in India. 

Let’s see what Huawei has to offer the Indian market.

[Story and Image source : The Hindu]

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