Nokia has just released a free utility to make a great OVI map for your blog or website. All you have to do is enter a url and upload two logo pictures of your website. With Nokia’s renewed interest in NOKIA-TGFthe smart phones and touch screen segment, it is bound to sell more devices. With that there is need for more content on its OVI store. Blogs have been filling the gap for compelling content for quite a while. Blogs will continue to do so for mobiles as well.

This utility from Nokia is the easiest ever to-do I have come across. All you have to do is broken down into few simple  steps. Go here and enter your blog feed url. There will be an emulator to the right of the screen which neatly renders your site with images on to a  mobile type screen. Move on to the next step and add a header and logo for the application. After the logos and header is selected, move on to the registration page and complete the registration and you will have your mobile app ready.

There is an option to choose advertisers from a list and get monetary benefits out of it. This is a nifty little utility for blogs who don’t want to spend on developer time to get a mobile app running. This has removed the entry barrier for upcoming blogs and websites who might have cash to spend on a mobile app.

Of course, just having a OVI app will not do as an iPhone app and an Android app is required too. Nokia has the ball rolling and this should immediately see a bump in Nokia OVI adoption and Nokia phone buyers will have more apps and more content which is easily available.

Now you might not have to worry about apps if you are planning to buy a Nokia phone.

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