Coolpad, the little known Chinese brand, is launching a 3G Dual SIM phone with a 5 inch touch screen called Coolpad 9930. The Dual SIM is actually a dual mode which will work with both CDMA and GSM networks. Coolpad 9930 phone would be priced at Rs. 25000, which translates to 5000 rupees for 1 inch of the phone.

Coolpad bets big on CDMA

Coolpad is betting big on CDMA. People who prefer CDMA networks over GSM have very limited choices when it comes to CDMA smartphones. Coolpad has already announced a CDMA Android phone with Reliance and an Android CDMA tablet. This phone would be the 3rd CDMA device from Coolpad.



The core specification details are not out but Coolpad 9930 supports CDMA and GSM, it has 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and has GPS. The phone will run Android 2.3 and has a massive 5-inch touch screen.

Why 5-inch?

As for the screen goes, this is Coolpad’s thinking :

The phone, codenamed CoolPad 9930, is aimed at both the 7 inch-tablet and the 4+ inch-smartphone market.

That’s smart. There is a good chance of both the crowed (4+inch and the 7-inch crowds) buying Coolpad 9930. And there are equal or better chances of none of them buying it. Dell Streak has been a good example. If people are buying a tablet, they know what to expect. And if people are buying a smartphone, they know what to expect. Samsung Galaxy Note is a similar device with 5.3 inch screen. At least Samsung isn’t trying to target both the sections. Samsung is clear in its marketing message. Samsung Galaxy Note is a smartphone which can do more and it is not clearly targeted at the in-betweeners, like the Coolpad 9930.

The only argument against a 5-inch screen is this : If it is a phone, people expect to use just one hand. The computing hardware is evolving by the day and humans have evolved over several million years. I don’t expect my hands to grow bigger anytime soon and it would be a million more years for the human race to receive its next update.

Would Coolpad 9930 fly?

CoolPad right now has a confused strategy. It is not sure what works and is trying to cram as much as it can.  Also the price of Rs. 25000 is too much for an unknown brand. Micromax which is a very popular brand in India and now the 12th biggest manufacturer by shipments globally, will be having hard time in selling its first high-end phone Micromax A85. I’m not sure how Coolpad expects to sell its 9930.

If Coolpad 9930 turns out to be a success, it would be because of the Dual mode and CDMA and definitely not because of 5-inch screen.

Via TheMobileIndian

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