• What: Clubhack 2011
  • Where: The O Hotel, Pune [Directions here]
  • When: 3rd to 5th December 2011
  • Registration Fees:
    • 2 days Event Only = Rs. 1200/-
    • 2 days Event with lunch = Rs 2400/-
    • If attendees without lunch cost included want to buy food coupons, they can do so at the venue directly @ Rs 600/- per day.

For TGF Readers

  • 2 days Event Only = Rs. 1200/-  Rs. 1000/-
  • 2 days Event with lunch = Rs 2400/- Rs. 2000/-
  • For Clubhack Workshop = Rs.10,000/-   Rs. 8,000/-

What Android Developers should look forward to in Clubhack 2011

  • Seizing the phone and maintaining its state so that we don’t lose any important data
  • Taking image of the phone memory and memory card. In case of Android, we need to ROOT the device first to  take the bit by bit image.
  • Recovering useful data from the image. Device memory can contain extremely valuable data including contact list, call logs, sms, emails, passwords, application data, phone data etc.
  • Analyzing the data to discover evidences. It will cover decrypting the encrypted files, cracking the passwords, recovering deleted files etc.
  •   Chain of custody to preserve evidences so that they can be presented in a court of law.
  • Rooting Android Phone
  • Taking image and Discovering evidences
  • Insights to the Android System
  • Techniques and concepts to recover and analyse evidences from Android phone
  • Live Forensics for Android System.

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