Motorola has introduced its latest smartphone, Droid Razr. I have never seen a rugged phone which is both slim and functional before. Razr is just 7.1 mm thickness and is strong like any other smartphone out there. May be even better. It’s all good but for us Apple folks, what else can the phone do? You know in terms of what we call user experience.

Thanks to Apple, more and more people are realizing that greatest hardware can take you only so far. Motorola happens to realize this. It has introduced some serious software integration with Droid Razr. Let’s take a look.


Webtop is an extended full tabbed browser which works from Razr and will extend the real estate on to the computer through a lapdock. Droid Razr comes with its own set of accessories and lapdock is one of them. With this integration, you can have seamless way to view your smartphone on your computer.

Smart Actions

This is probably the most sensible feature unveiled by Motorola. Through Smart Actions Razr will enhance the battery life by at least 30%. To give you an example, Smart actions will turn of Bluetooth and GPS when you reach home. Now that’s smart. There are few other things Smart Actions will do.


Though the name doesn’t ring any bell, MotoCast is a way to access content on your personal cloud (aka your computer) from your Razr or any other device. If you have music, videos or pictures on your computer, instead of going through the cloud, you can directly access the files from Droid Razr. Of course an app has to be installed but once done, it’s seamless. This is a great productivity booster.

Business ready

Just to not leave business folks aloof, Motorola has made Razr business ready. You can access corporate email, calendar and also edit Microsoft documents with Razr. There is a Citrix receiver to facilitating remote desktop and there’s a GoTo meeting on Razr. Video conferencing can be done in HD.


Motorola has also announced a watch like device which you can wear on your wrist. This is called Moto ACTV. While we have seen our share of wearable phones and glorified watches, Moto ACTV is a smart watch which can sync with your PC and your smartphone. Moto ACTV tracks your running, walking or cycling, and it also has a built-in heart rate monitor. MotoACTV runs a 600 MHz processor, it plays your favorite songs and also has an FM Radio. Importantly, Moto ACTV is well integrated with Droid Razr, which makes Moto ACTV and Droid RAZR an indispensable combination.

Smart Actions, MotoCast and MotoACTV integration are by far the best features on Droid Razr.

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