Will Facebook launch a mobile phone on Nov 3?

Tech blogs are getting invites for Facebook’s mobile event on Nov 3. The keyword here is mobile. What can Facebook do which isn’t already mobile? With 500 million subscribers and Facebook app available for almost all mobile platforms, there isn’t anything which could be software related. Rumors surfaced about Facebook phone at least a month ago. Facebook might be collaborating with INQ to bring out a phone.

Why would Facebook want to make a phone?

The real question is why not? Everybody wants to make a phone or be in a mobile phone these days. Microsoft which has facebook a poor mobile strategy is spending close to billion dollars in advertisement to sell its new mobile operating system. Play station has come up with a phone. Bharti Airtel which is a carrier announced its entry into the mobile phone segment with its brand Beetel.

Though the mobile phone market is looking crowded, a lot is left to be untapped. Facebook might get its inspiration from Apple itself. Apple which entered the mobile phone market with smart phone only captured fourth position in the global sales. Apple manufactures only one mode of phone across generations. Apple has done it in 3 years. Facebook might do something similar.

A mobile operating system is something which cannot be ruled out either. There are few mobile operating systems and Google’s own Android launched 2 years ago is making a huge splash.

The real question is who is Facebook going after? Apple or Google? Or is it both?

If you have 500 million friends then you can make few more enemies.

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