Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands in India! Micromax Comes Closer To Samsung.

[Last updated on Oct 10, 2014]

We did this post quite a few years back and now that the Indian mobile phone or shall I say smartphone market has completely changed, its time to update the list of top 10 mobile brands in India.

top 10 mobile phone brands in india


When we first published this article Nokia was losing its market share to local Indian brands like Micromax, Spice, G’Five, etc. Samsung was one of the rising mobile phone brand in India had launched its one of the hottest phones of that time – Samsung Corby and Champ. Nokia had a market share of about 40% followed by Samsung, Micromax, LG, and Blackberry.


The Update

Coming back to 2014, not many people buy Blackberry phones. And Nokia, well it still is everyone’s favorite mobile brand for durability but is superseded by Android smartphones. Nokia was acquired by Microsoft Mobiles. Nokia is now limited to feature phone users or Windows Phone fans. Basically, it is not everyone’s favourite choice.

According to a report by IDC, India’s mobile phone market gained by 5% (over Q1 2014) in Q2 2014 to 63.21 million units. The smartphone market on the other hand grew at 11% in Q2 2014 as compared to Q1 of the same year.

We will now split these phone brands on the basis of mobile phones (feature phones + smart phones) and smartphone brands. This is important for understanding the growth trend of each brand and also for identifying if some brand is doing very well in a single niche. The below data was published in a report by IDC.


Top 5 Mobile Phones Brands In India:mobile phones vendors market share tgf


1. Samsung: 17%

2. Micromax: 14%

3. Nokia: 10%

4. Karbonn: 9%

5. Lava: 8%

Please note that the above statistics include both smartphones and feature phones. It is worth noting that Micromax has come very close to Samsung. This mainly due to the fact that Micromax is still focusing on feature phones and Samsung isn’t.

Karbonn and Lava sell both type of phones but they sell a hell lot of smartphones than Nokia. So, why does Nokia has more market share? The simple is very simple and you probably know it too.

Nokia is still the favorite brand option for those looking for a feature phone. Period.



Top 5 Smartphone Brands In India:smartphone vendor market share tgf




1. Samsung: 29%

2. Micromax: 18%

3. Karbonn: 8%

4. Lava: 6%

5. Motorola: 5%

See, how the first two mobile phone brands have swapped position? This is due to the fact that Samsung has a better brand perception than Micromax.

Micromax is gaining popularity, but Samsung enjoys better brand perception.

Karbonn has to do a lot of work if it wants to get anywhere close to Micromax, which I don’t think is happening in a year. Motorola and Lava lie at the bottom of the list. You must be wondering that how the heck did Motorola made it to this list. Well, haven’t you checked the Moto E, and Moto G smartphones? These Moto smartphones offer great value for money and were sold like hotcakes on its exclusive online seller –

Please note that these above stats considers the market share of each brand and is not all related to market revenue share in any way. If it were the case, then Samsung and Apple would be at the top of the charts.

What are your thoughts about the future of these brands in India? Do you think that Apple and Blackberry would ever make it the list of best Indian smartphone brands?


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