Nokia N8 : Nokia’s comeback?

Nokia N8, the latest smartphone offering from Nokia is already making waves. Be its new Symbian^3 platform or the movie being played on the world’s largest screen, N8 has generated quite a buzz. N8’s most notable and notorious feature : Carl Zeiss lens powered 12 megapixel camera with xenon flash and extra large image sensor.

With a 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen N8 is best enjoyed in the landscape mode. Just like our virtual desktops, 3 different home screens can be configured. It is loaded with other good features like accelerometer, compass, proximity sensor and ambient light detector. N8 comes with an in-built memory of 8GB which can be jacked up to 32 GB through a hot swappable MicroSD card. And yes, it plays your favorite FM station. Nokia N8 costs Rs. 26, 259 rupees and can be pre-ordered here. N8’s new operating system got the welcome it deserved. UTV Indiagames has created the versions of Cricket T20 Fever and WarChess for the new platform which will make N8 little more attractive than it already is.


Did we mention about the 12 megapixel camera? That was done but let me repeat it. The 12 megapixel camera would put iPhone 3G S and yet to be arrived iPhone 4G to shame. Heck it would put many digital cameras to shame. Seriously, 12 megapixel : awesome. Enjoy the moment but don’t get carried away though. Sony just came out with a 16.41 megapixel cellphone sensor which would only mean a 16 megapixel phone is lurking somewhere. But N8 is miles away from any of the current offerings on the Indian market which is tempting me to trade in my iPhone and camera.


N8 is available in 5 different colors – Silver white, Dark Grey, Orange, Blue and Green.


Other notable features of N8 :

  1. Home theater connectivity through HDMI port.
  2. Integrated GPS, A-GPS receivers
  3. Ovi Maps with free car and pedestrian navigation
  4. Bluetooth 3.0
  5. 3.5 mm jack for headphones. No proprietary stuff which Nokia never does. A must have.

Get full specifications here.

Greatest benefit of living in India is knowing about these gadgets and not being able to buy them immediately. Though I curse these vendors from time to time, I can see how it can benefit us. The launches are usually targeted at the US and European markets. A good 3-4 month gap comes between the global launches and India launches. During this time we can enjoy the unboxing of the phone, the complete teardown of the phone and handful of  hacks before we get our hands on these devices. By the time we got our hands on N8, it’s time for N9 already.

The only problem with Nokia N8 is the apps. Since it runs the Symbian operating system the opportunity to get new and exciting apps is limited. The app market is dominated by Apple OS and Android, with Android becoming the premier destination. The developers are flocking to Apple OS and Android because that is where the money is. Would the developers flock to Symbian^3 and would the app choices grow for Nokia N8 is a question. May be N8 should be Android powered.  After you buy a piece of hardware you have to live with it for 2 years. Apps would make that journey a little pleasurable. No?

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