Jaipan : Yet another mobile brand!

I was confused with the name and never heard of a brand called Jaipan.Now I did. Jaipan, not to be confused with the country Japan, is all set to enter the Indian mobile handset market. What? One more? Well there’s no stopping new brands to enter the mobile handset market as everybody thinks there is room. Airtel announced its entry with the brand Beetel. Another electronics national distributor, Supertron has announced its entry too. So why not. Recommended reading : Is there room for one more?

Jaipan is a consumer electronics brand with products ranging from mixers, juicers to sandwich toasters and roti makers. Jaipan-Logo Mobile handset business is not exactly roti making but it is making an electronic device nevertheless. Jaipan’s product catalog doesn’t list any mobile phones yet. The news on the street is, there will be 12 models launched by December 2010. 3 of them would be hi-tech models. By high-tech, I presume, touch screen mobile running Android. Majority of its handsets will be priced between Rs. 1000- Rs. 4000. One cannot go wrong with that pricing. Jaipan is targeting to sell 50,000 units per month. A modest target similar to that of Supertron’s.

Jaipan QFT 111 is a GSM phone with 1.3 megapixel camera, flash, MMS and java enabled games. Other details of the models are not known. Jaipan aims to break the top 10 league. Initial launch will be powered by handsets manufactured in China and a manufacturing facility will be set-up in India after 2 years. (source : ET)

One more time, Is there room for one more? We just have to wait and see.

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