Intex launches projector on a mobile phone!

When we thought we are done with embedding extra features into a phone like a torch light or a ultraviolet light, Intex has embedded a projector into a phone. Intex V.Show or Intex IN 8810 costs Rs. 16000 on launch. Intext V.Show uses tiny Pico which is the latest in the LED technology to project on to a 36 inch screen size for 3 hours. 20,000 hours of play time on the projector is possible. After which it will cease to be a projector and starts to be a phone-only.

In addition to the capability of projecting, Intex V.8810 packs a lot of other features which are not available in the current crop of phones. It is a touch screen phone with 3.2 inch screen size. Capacitive or resistive is not known. It is a dual SIM phone (GSM+GSM). As per mainstream media this is a 3G enabled phone (but you by now know how reliable mainstream is). As per blogosphere this is a dual SIM phone. Would it accommodate a 3G SIM and a 2G SIM is not known.

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3G or not this would be the first touch screen phone with dual SIM capability. V8810 comes with other doubles too. It has a dual camera – one in the front, one in the back and it has dual memory card slots which can read up to 8 GB each.

3 crore rupees are spent to bring the product to the market and Intex is hoping to sell 75000 units.

If TGF readers recall, there is a Zen M25 which has a 72 hour standby time for which Amitabh Bachan has an interesting ad. In the ad, the regular projector fails and Mr. Bachan dupes the people to watch the same movie on a 2.4 inch screen. May be that ad should be re-shot with Amitabh using Intex V.Show when the projector fails. Just a thought.

A full spec sheet, preferably from Intex would give a better idea about the phone.

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