iBall enters mobile handset business with a floatable phone.

Yet another mobile handset maker for us. There is no exact count of the number of mobile players in the country but unofficial estimates peg it at 200. That is a big number even for a  country which buys 2 crore mobile phones every month. iBall which is the brand name for Best IT World (India) Private Limited, has entered the mobile handset business and is looking at 2% market share.

All the phones from iBall are in the low-cost segment under Rs. 5000. iBall wants to differentiate by proper segmentation and targeting specific sections of the mobile phone consumers. Seven phone models were launched. Three of its phones include – senior citizen phone, rugged phone and water-proof phone.

Water-proof phone

iBall’s director has dropped a phone is a water tank to demonstrate the water-proofiball-water-proof phone capabilities. The phone is left in the water for 10 minutes and the phone works after taking out of water. Intriguing factor for the phone is, it floats. This phone is water proof, dust proof and drop proof (1.6 m). Much needed for Indian weather conditions.

Senior citizen phone

With jumbo keypad and giant letters, this phone is exclusively for senior citizens. An interesting feature of this phone is the emergency button. Upon pressing it, an alarm is raised and a call is dialed to five different numbers. Text messages are sent to these five numbers.

Supertron, Jaipan and T Series are the three brands which entered the mobile handset business in the last thirty days. That makes me think. Is there room for yet another player? Is a 2% share in a business still a profitable one?

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