Deals : Dell Streak, Nokia N8, Blackberry Torch

If you are looking to gift or planning to get yourself a gift for the holiday season, then don’t rush to your nearest retailer. Instead shop at any of the online retailers and get discount of few thousand rupees. Three recently launched models – Blackberry Torch, Nokia N8 and Dell Streak – all are on sale at flipkart.

Blackberry Torch is off by more than 1200 rupees. Nokia N8 is off by 2270 rupees and Dell Streak is off by 1500. And free shipping too. If you are not comfortable using credit card then you can use their ‘cash on delivery’ feature. Go ahead and checkout more deals on mobiles at FlipKart. There are quite a few deals available on FutureBazaar too. Nokia E5 is on sale too.



FlipKart which used to retail books only has started venturing into mobiles and accessories too. And it is doing a pretty good job of it. I have ordered quite a few books from FlipKart and their delivery has always been on-time.

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  1. The N8 is a superphone, which multimedia-wise surpasses anything offered or currently offered in the market. With the feature-set and hardware specs, it really convinces as an N-Series device designed to maximize the multimedia creation and consumption through the device. Despite having a more traditional interface requiring a tad more "intelligence" from the user, the Symbian OS remains as a capable and powerful OS. I don't get the negativity surrounding the OS when it is in fact better than the clunky and dated Blackberry OS.

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