Cell phones banned for girls in UP village!

Villagers of Lank in Uttar Pradesh have found the reason for the inter-clan marriages which are happening at a rampant pace. This is a break through innovation which was found out after profound research. This would potentially have saved the lives of eight people if it was found before. But it has potential to save many more people who might die in the name of honor killings. There will not be any more honor killings in this village of Uttar Pradesh and if it goes viral, there will be no honor killings in India. The innovation, the breakthrough, is banning of cell phones for unmarried women.

Temple in the cellular agephoto © 2006 Nir Nussbaum | more info (via: Wylio)

The innovator of this ban could be eligible for a Nobel peace prize. On a second thought, probably not. He might not be as eloquent as Barack Obama.

Cell phone has been the chief accomplice in all the 34 elopements reported in Muzaffarnagar district. Cell phones are used by unmarried boys and girls to plan the rendezvous, get married and eventually get killed. So why not ban the dirty electronic brick? That is what the village head have done. However the ban is only for the girls and not for the boys. Logically the ban could have worked the same way for either boys or girls. But they chose to ban it for girls. I gather that the village head was a male.

Without commenting on the tomfoolery of this ban I have three simple questions.

  1. If the boys can’t find enough girls, what would they do?
  2. What would happen to the rural penetration of the cell phones in India?
  3. Weren’t they any elopements in the pre-cell phone India?

If you are getting ready to throw a fit about hearing this story then relax a bit and let it pass by. India is not a place for weird-only stories. There are heart wrenching stories like this one.

A four year old Iraqi girl has heard for the first time in India. Thanks to tireless doctors of Delhi hospital, the girl has started hearing after a lengthy and complex surgery. Four year Fatima was born with no inner ear and no hearing nerve. Delhi doctors have to implant a auditory brain stem directly – basically a machine in the ear. Head over to BBC to watch the video.

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