27.9 lakh PC’s are shipped in the quarter of July-September 2010 as per IDC. Desktops dominated the shipments because of an increased IT spending from various companies. Notebook computers have seen a demand mainly from the consumer segment. 23.7 lakh PC’s were shipped in the previous quarter of April-June 2010, which mark a 18% increase in shipments for July-September 2010 quarter.

Though the domination of desktops is on the decline, desktops still dominate the overall PC sales with a near 60% share with notebooks taking up 40%. The share of desktops has come down from 66% a year ago to 59.8% in the last quarter. This would also mean the rise of notebook computers.


"Launch of multi-colour models, complemented with aggressive promotions and discounted bundling schemes augmented consumer PC spend, especially in the portables segment", Sumanta further added.

Yes. Absolutely. Black, grey and white have been the traditional colors for laptops. There are more colors we are used to and I am not sure why the manufacturers took so long to jazz it up. Multi-color or funky designs on laptops look cool. Might not be ideal for business setting but are well suited for personal use.

There is no distinction between notebooks and netbooks and netbooks are bundled under notebook sales.

"However, the rate of growth of mini notebook PC shipments dipped marginally in 3Q 2010. This points to the need for vendors to add more functionalities to cater to evolving consumer demand"

The trend for netbooks is hard to find out without the exact sales figures. Assuming mini gadgetwise_dell_laptops notebooks referred here are netbooks. Looks like the honeymoon for netbooks is over. Netbooks were estimated to be leading the shipments and that thwarted. The next quarter wouldn’t be any different because of tablet PC’s. If you are going for a stripped down computing device then why not buy a tablet PC?

Dell with a market share of 16.7% has retained the top slot. HP (13.7%) and Acer (10.6%) have occupied second and third slots respectively. Dell enjoys a phenomenal market share of 27% in notebook sales.

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