2. Wipe it to the core.

3. Remove Battery

4. Tilt and shake a bit

5. The Rice Burry method

6. A visit to service centre

Important points

  1. Never shake the device hard! This will cause more damage.
  2. Always try to carry a water protection bag if going outside in rain.
  3. Try to get insurance for a 1 year term.
  4. Don’t start the device before 48 hours!
  5. Always be quick and take the device out of water in minimum time.
  6. Mobile warranty will not cover the accidental drop in water.
  7. For Samsung users, if your motherboard has some traces of water and your device is working fine the service centre will not let you claim the warranty. (Self Experience)
  8. Always try to invest in water proof Smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, and Sony Xperia series and like that.

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