• Hardware and Software would likely remain constant with Software losing some of its share to Online Gaming
  • Gaming consoles like Playstation, Xbox and Kinect will generate the maximum revenues. Two-thirds of 2010 gaming revenues came from gaming consoles.
  • Subscription will give way to Freemium models with money earned from advertisements.
  • Micro-transactions, in-app purchases and virtual good purchases will drive the gaming ecosystem beyond 2015.
  • Extending the gaming experience across platforms is key. Angry Birds is available on Android, iPhone, WP7 and on Google Chrome. This is paramount for Gaming ecosystem to survive and thrive.
  • Gaming console manufacturers (e.g., Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft)
  • Software for dedicated game consoles or platforms (such as PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii)
  • Handheld video game consoles (such as Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and DSi, and Sony PSP)
  • PC/notebook gaming software
  • Mobile gaming, which includes using mobile phones, tablets and smartphones as a gaming platform
  • Online casual and social gaming segment

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