There are two problems with the existing crop of wireless mice. They need a USB dongle and they suck out a lot of batteries. This new wireless mouse from HP uses WiFi to connect to the mouse which ditches the dongle. And it runs for 9 months straight which solves the battery problem. HP’s WiFi mouse works on Link 5 technology  which connects to the computer through the WiFi and can be operated 30ft away from the computer.

Side note : Logitech M515 is a wireless mouse which lasts for 2 years but with the USB dongle, albeit a teeny tiny one.

HP’s WiFi mouse is dubbed as mobile mouse and will be available in June for Rs. 2250.


As a part of the Link 5 technology HP is releasing other products :

  • HP Wireless Mini keyboard
  • Wireless ultra thin keyboard
  • Wireless Elite v2 keyboard
  • Wireless optical comfort mouse
  • Wireless laser comfort mouse
  • Wireless Mobile mouse

Wireless mobile mouse looks the most promising.

Source : SiliconIndia

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