Gadget News : Nexus S rooted, Posterous Android app, Android tablets market

Android tablets will grab a market share of 39% by 2012, leaving iPad with 44% market share. Posterous gets a free Android app. Google’s Nexus S is rooted in five minutes and HTC HD2 gets a taste of Gingerbread.

Android tablets share to grow in 2011

Android tablets will continue to improve on their market share, which is dominated by iPad. Android tablets will grab a market share of 39% by 2012, leaving iPad at 44% – still leading. Apple iPad now holds more than 90% market share. This growth pattern is similar to the Android phones growth pattern. There’s a caveat here. iPad is just one product running iOS of Apple. Android is an operating system which manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, Notion Ink chose to run. Is it really fair to compare one product against an army of products? I don’t think so. What’s interesting is iPad is still competing despite the Android deluge. That’s commendable. [Source : eWeek.]


Google’s Nexus S rooted!

Google’s Nexus S, is rooted and you can do it too in 5 minutes, if you follow this guide.. Don’t do it if you are not comfortable with it. 90% of the phone owners don’t have to, because they don’t really care. This is for the geeks who want to rip open things up and put them back again. There are lot of other advantages of rooting.

Android 2.3 is ported to HTC HD2

Source code of Gingerbeard is released and people are busy porting the OS to their phones. The latest phone to be added to the list is HTC HD2 after HTC Desire. [Source : Gadgets]

Posterous gets an Android app

It’s raining Android apps. The only real competition to iPhone apps is Android market place. And people are developing apps for Android relentlessly. Posterous now has an Android app, offered for free. It’s fair to say that all popular iPhone apps now have Android apps. Which would mean, Android OS will further push itself in to Blackberry and iOS territory, if it hasn’t already. [Source : Gadgets]

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