• Group devices by room to eliminate complex lists and handle even the most elaborate home theater systems;
  • Switch between devices, powering them off and on together or individually;
  • Control TV channel selection, volume and picture functions. The most frequently used keys are available in both physical and virtual form for immediate access;
  • Enjoy full functionality of DVD players and other media devices;
  • Download from your service provider Java-based EPGs to search for movies and programs;
  • Send emails and browse the Internet;
  • Optional features allow for the Andi-One to work as a VoIP phone with built-in echo canceller and noise suppressor;
  • Recharge the 1500mA Li-ion battery on the cradle or a micro USB;
  • Place the Andi-One on its cradle to show time and weather. For news and stock quotes, users can search with the ANDI-ONE when connected to a Wi-FI network;
  • The Andi-One will serve as a wireless mouse and virtual keyboard to navigate Netflix® and other video streaming services viewed on a PC, Set Top Box or smart TV. They’re also ideal for web browsing and content search;
  • Download and enjoy more than 100,000 available Android applications.

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