VLC iPhone app now available. Thank you [Review]

When I saw that VLC iPhone app is available for free then my first reaction was – What took you so long? Then I realized, it came finally and I thank Applidium for that. iPhone owners would know the difficulty of getting a video on the phone. When iPhone’s poorer cousins play any videos thrown at them, iPhone needs a lot of hacking to get the videos play on it. Sometimes the effort is not worth it. Thanks to the VLC app, hacking is no longer required to watch videos on iPhone.

Download the app, install it, add files to the VLC library and the files will be automatically synced and videos ready to be played. It took less than 5 minutes to get the whole thing done. Just the way videos have to be. Here’s the result :


Isn’t that the most beautiful thing in the world?

It used to be downloading a third party app like Videora and converting the files to iPhone suitable files then if you get lucky you will be having a iPhone consumable video and if you are not, then you are on your own.

VLC has simplified the video viewing which Windows Media Player or any other media player couldn’t. Now VLC is a household name and is part of the standard free download list. Getting an iPhone app for world’s favorite video player is just incredible.


Installation is a jiffy. Search for VLC from your iTunes music store or iTunes on the phone itself and you will see the VLC app downloadable for free. Once you install it and sync it with your iPhone, what you see when you open the app is a message like this. It takes less than a minute to add a 700 MB file and the file is synced to the phone automatically.


The videos play out just nice and the sound quality is decent. Pretty much depends on the video though. The navigation is as easy as it can get and beyond that there isn’t much about the app. It just plays the videos for you.

IMG_0703 IMG_0699 IMG_0705

Few videos I had weren’t playing the dialogues. The background music is coming out OK but the dialogues are muted. For the ones which were playing the dialogues, they were out of sync. I have to take this for a field test to make a general observation.


Before I get you too excited about it, this VLC build works on iPad, iPhone 4G and iPhone 3GS. The screenshots above are from iPhone 3G S.

Now isn’t this the best thing since iPhone itself?

[Via BGR]

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