Android has been coming up with new versions every year and has been challenging the developers to come up with gripping games on the versions as they get launched. The latest ice-cream sandwich version provides the Android phone users with ultimate gaming experience too.

With a wide array of games to be played this year, a lot of the users have been hooked on to the best racing games ever to be played on Android. With the adrenalin kicking in on every time the phone moves, racing games have been widely enjoyed by users around the world. Some of the best racing games to be cherished are mentioned below:

1. Asphalt 6: Adrenalin HD


Every gaming enthusiast with an Android phone would have heard about this work of art. Asphalt gets a niche collection of best cars and a bunch of unpredictable and challenging tracks on smart-phones and tablets. Ferrari, Lamborghini or Aston Martin, all major dream wagons are available for instant single player racing and a full-fledged multiplayer war-zone. There is also an option to take on the best in the world via the internet to put one’s skill through the ultimate test.

2. Need for Speed: Shift


NFS, one of the most entertaining racing games available has ventured into the mobile arena with its own collection of one of a kind racing games. The latest version, Shift promises a vivid collection of the world’s fastest cars and racing performance of the highest level. Available at a cost of approximately 2 dollars, this game is a must have for any Android gaming enthusiast out there.

3. Riptide GP


After proving metal on the race tracks around the world, racing power sledges on water is an adrenalin infused activity one could indulge in. With the feature enabling the gamer to choose from many powerful jet skies and racing them across futuristic sites, water canals, research facilities and restricted areas, Riptide never fails to keep the gamer fully engaged. Armed with Tegra-3 enhanced HD graphics, this game is a handful and will surely attract the interest of growing gamers around the world.

4. Extreme Racing

Racing across time with cars capable of doing almost anything never looked so entertaining. This game consists of various game models like Pro-race, career, quick race. All these game models also promise customized achievements and 15 career stages. As the game is available for free, all it takes is the effort of just a few touches on the mobile for instant access.

5. Street Racing

street racing

This game is all about a whole new level for street racing with the option of building cars, maintaining and sustaining them to complete tasks and purchase objectives for better options. As the cars are maintained to top level, the chance of winning the game improves by leaps and bounds. One could get his/her hands on this game for approximately one dollar.

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  1. I am using tablet and I have played NFS on it, I can say is just awesome experience! Actually android has revolutionized the overall gaming experience on mobiles. Now we can play 3-D games with amazing visual effect on it, We can give credit to sound technology innovations for this.

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