Let’s have some weekend fun shall we. I was sifting through the iPhone India app catalog and found two apps. I wouldn’t go as far as calling them gems but they are worth a shot. Actually more than a few shots for one of the apps. You got nothing to lose to try these apps as they are free. Yeah free as in beer – you would still be wasting some time though.


If anything starts with ‘i’ then I don’t have to tell you where the inspiration. Did you say I Robot? I was thinking more like iPhone and iPad. Anyways, developed by Mohit Atwani, the app is called iRajnee. The title of the app says “The Redolution is now”. This is for hardcore Rajni Kanth fans. And the app does nothing but spit out Rajni’sms. Some you might already know and some are outright funny, even if you knew it. The funny thing is, iRajnee is the top free app in the Apple Store. I think it would be for the month or a week. Quite an achievement nevertheless.

Hail the lord of the universe, Rajnikanth now he’s taken over the iphone by storm

 IMG_0756                                IMG_0754

If you are a hardcore Rajnikanth, then this is a must-have app. If you are not a fan, then this might make you one. What a day to write about an iPhone app of Rajni Kanth? Happy Birthday to Rajni.

Search for : iRajnee in the Apple store

Katrina Kaif

This is a game. There is a gallery which is locked and which has, I think, several pictures of Katrina Kaif. To open the lock you need to play a game. Two identical pictures of Katrina are shown on the screen and you have to find out the differences by touching at the wrong places. I mean right places. I mean… you will know what I mean after you start playing the game. Once you solve the picture you will move on to the next level. I went to level 2 and didn’t check beyond. You can check it and let us all know how it went.

           IMG_0744                       IMG_0746


Search for : Astute or Katrina Secrets LITE

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