Android beats Symbian to become the most popular OS in Asia!

Android, despite its fragmentation issues, is gaining popularity worldwide and more so in Asia. Symbian which is the most popular smartphone operating system is on the decline. Somewhere in August 2010, Android has crossed Symbian to become Asia’s most popular smartphone operating system.

4.3 million smartphones are sold in Asia in the quarter of July – September 2010. That is a 270% jump from last year where only 1.27 million were sold.


From the picture above, Android line represented by the orange dot is moving up and the Symbian line with a little square is moving down. They have crossed their paths some where in August.  RIM and iOS have crossed their paths and now are at the same level, with a slight advantage to RIM. Windows Mobile is yet to make a significant impact to be counted in. Others category which is too small to be counted would be an interesting watch. There are potential upstarts which can come from the blindside to usurp the top players or at least make an attempt. Quite a watch for the next two quarters.

[Via cellular-news, Gfk Asia]

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