• Streaming video and videoconferencing : 1 minute of Youtube eats up 2 megabytes of your data plan. Better watch those videos when you are on WiFi.
  • Streaming audio : When compared to video, audio seems innocuous but in reality it isn’t. Streaming audio consumes 25% of what video consumes. 10 minutes of streaming audio a day will eat up your 200 MB plan.
  • Photos : A must in these days, photo sharing is one of the culprits but isn’t a big one. If you are on a 200 MB plan, you can share up to 10 photos per day.
  • Maps : If you are on the go, firing up Maps is a favorite pastime. Maps can use significant data as maps are built out of images.
  • Web browsing : A lot depends on how a website is built. Rich graphics, less text consumes more and text only sites consume less.
  • Facebook : Checking facebook is almost equivalent to web browsing.
  • Email : Without attachments, email doesn’t consume much as it is all text.
  • Twitter : Much less than email and thanks to the 140 character limit, Twitter doesn’t consume much. Unless you have a data hogging twitter client on your phone.
  • Weather apps : A niche app like a weather app apparently consumes less data than let’s say getting the same information by browsing. This is a revelation of sorts and all the more reason to scout for new nifty apps.

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