Rockmelt, the social media browser, which is competing with the likes of Google and Microsoft in the less crowded but heavily saturated browser market, has decided to release an iPhone app. Rockmelt browser for PC is beta2 and is available for free download. Its iPhone app is submitted to the her highness The Apple corporation and is waiting for approval. Rockmelt expects to get the approval by end of this week.

Simply put, Rockmelt makes your social media experience pleasurable with an all-in-rockmelt-iphone one place interface. Rockmelt is a distraction free social media browsing.With its entry on to iPhone, there would be  a greater adoption of the app and the browser. Rockmelt plans to release app for Android and other platforms too.

Rockmelt iPhone app will access the bookmarks, contacts and settings on the iPhone. This app would make it easier for users to switch between mobile and the PC without losing context.

Flock is another social browser which has shut shop after Zynga acquisition. Rockmelt on the other hand is on a growth path. Tale of two different companies with different fortunes. Go Rockmelt.

Via : GigaOm

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