• Each story can be saved for offline reading, within the app.
  • One can move from one story to another story seamlessly within a section.
  • The UI is clean, neat and simple. No learning curve at all.
  • Galleries provides a way to scroll through the stories through images.

  • No smooth scrolling : Scrolling is old fashioned on the Indian Express app. Scrolling is by page level. For example, if you scroll with your finger, the screen immediately moves to the next set of stories. There’s way to stop in the middle.
  • No landscape : This is by far the biggest let down of the app. The app just doesn’t load into landscape.
  • The sharing buttons are really tiny. There is no exclusive sharing to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.
  • The scrolling of the two panes can be independent like what we have seen in the FirstPost iPad app.

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