Fring for iPad beats Facetime, brings world’s first 4-way group video chat

Facetime the default video chat app on iPad is great. You can switch back and forth between the front camera and rear camera and get a near real time video experience. But it is a one to one chat and works only with iDevices.

Fring an independent messaging app is bringing 4-way group video chat to iPad and other smartphones and tablets.

Fring’s new iPad app will let you video chat with four different persons. Best part is, Fring is platform agnostic. You can chat with people having Blackberry’s and Android’s not just an iDevice. Fring works on WiFi, 3G and 4G and is free.


Fring’s iPad app is the world’s first to provide a 4-way group video chat. WebEx which has released its iPad app doesn’t yet provide a 4-way group chat, though WebEx has a solely different purpose.

Four heads are better than one. Watch the promo :

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