Want to find the next biggest apps before your friends do? Then this is the list you should follow. Mobilewalla, an app discovery and rating engine, has released the list of 5 fast moving iPhone apps. Think of it as a pre-cognition for the app world. Predicting app’s success before it becomes successful.

These are 5 such apps. Take a look :

Brides.1.1 Brides Wedding Genius 2.0 : The dress selection part of the wedding planner can be done with this app. This app will let you browse through a catalog of dresses, jewelry for both the bride and the groom. From wedding gowns to wedding rings, all can be browsed through with this app. The app also provides honeymoon destination browsing and has a find the store facility. Mobilewalla App Score (MAS) is 85, on a scale of 100.


fflow FotoFlow : The app lets you browse through high resolution pictures on someone’s Flickr stream. The photos are automatically served by the app and you can browse 500 photos each day. New set of photos will be served every day. The photos are fetched based on ‘interestingness’ API. App works best on iPhone 4. It has a MAS of 74.


Plstic_sur Pocket Plastic Surgeon : This app plays a bit of Nip/Tuck with your face. Without the costs associated with the plastic surgery, this app will let you play with your face. A nose job, liposuction or augmentation, you can do it all with this app. Think of it as a plastic surgery research app. It has a MAS of 71.


Daas.1 Daas Mobile : Using Microsoft’s remote display control protocol, this app will let you access your Windows desktop from your iPhone. All with the gestures from your iPhone. For this app to work a subscription to Daas’s hosted desktop service is required. It has a MAS of 71.


snooker Snooker Club : With intuitive touch control, ultra realistic ball physics and hot looking girls across the world, Snooker Club is a must-have app for all the snooker fans. It has a MAS of 78.

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