I am sure most of us have some or the other resolution that we have planned for 2012. But for most of us the easier it is to come up with a new year resolution the harder it is to achieve it. Now, Smartphones do myriad of tasks for us – and it also helps in keeping our resolutions. It is time to update your smartphones with some great iPhone and Android apps that will help you keep your resolutions for 2012 going strong – whether it is losing 2 kilos, waking up at 5 am every day, learning a new language, networking more or paying off debts.

Here’s a look at the top 5 apps that will help you kick-start 2012.

Resolutions 2012

resolutions 2012

If over 100,000 users have downloaded this app, then it has to be doing something right! Focused on taking action instead of just making resolutions, this app is based on the principle of "Healthy Habits, Habit Maker and Habit Breaker." You can record your resolutions, mark out the habits that you will need to develop in order to make your resolution successful and track your success. From daily inspirational quotes and reports to various badges for step by step achievements, this app won’t let you go out of line. A premium version of this app will also help you generate unlimited healthy habits.

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All My New Year’s Resolutions 2012

resolutionsThis is a great app for those of you who have more than just one New Year resolution. For managing and successfully maintaining multiple resolutions with different intensities, deadlines and importance, this iPhone app will come handy. Not only can you keep track of your various resolutions in one glance on the app’s dashboard, but you can also share them in your social circles. Add reminders, comments and images to each resolution to make it easier for you to achieve them. A simply and an effective app.


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New Year Motivation 2012

motivationThe good thing about this app is that it will run on all your all iOS devices without a data connection at no extra charge. As far as keeping resolutions is concerned, January usually starts with a bang of enthusiasm. Come March, April, May and you see your drive for maintaining resolutions fizzling out. New Year Motivation 2012 will give you a daily dose of inspiration in the form of wisdom brought forth by personalities like Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins and many others. And don’t worry about starting on Jan 1, you can use it anytime of the year. Convenient?

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New Years Buzzer 2012

new year resIf you’ve already downloaded this app, it means you’ve used the features of the Buzzer that let you countdown to 2012. Now since you already are in 2012, you can use this app to help you keep short term resolutions and applaud yourself when you achieve them. Sending out New Year Wishes too can be a task, so allow the Buzzer to automatically send wishes to your contact list. Otherwise, this app allows you to manage resolutions and share them on social networking platforms like most other apps – the only good thing being that it’s free and available in English and Spanish.

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Big Change

big changeIf your phone is crowded with separate apps for losing weight or quitting smoking, here’s your chance to go on a spring cleaning drive and only keep Big Change. Made to help you reach self improvement goals such as drinking less coffee or keeping track of over spending, the point of this app to help you overcome a ‘Big Change’ in your life. From tracking your progress, getting motivational congratulatory messages and creating incentives along the way, this app will be a perfect way to achieve your New Year resolutions. What’s more, other people commenting on your progress will help you view your progress in a relative context.

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Did we miss any?

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