• 87% users said that Operating system is an important driving factor in choosing a phone.
  • 50% of the users surveyed hold a Nokia phone, but only 4% of them would buy a Nokia in their next purchase.
  • High-resolution camera is an important factor to decide a phone.
  • 35% of the users are interested in buying an iPhone. Because of the price and delayed launches.
  • Price is not an issue in buying a phone. Really?

  • The survey did not reveal the sample size. Given the broad percentages mentioned (50%, 93%, 4%, 87%) I don’t expect the survey sample to be big.
  • Survey is of online users. India has anywhere between 50 million to 80 million online users. Besides, how many of you would you take an online survey?
  • The 50% figure referring to Android could at best be few thousand people, depending on the survey population.

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