Naukri, the job search portal, has launched Android and iPhone apps and there’s a Blackberry app too. Naukri is a little late to the game. In the new era, it’s not a matter of is someone has a mobile app. But it’s a matter of “why don’t they have a mobile app again?” Now that Naukri has a mobile app no one will ask that question.


Also Naukri had the most complete launch I have seen in a while. Typically people were launching the iPhone app first and the Android app first or vice versa. There are few who have launched apps for all the popular ecosystems at the same time. Yes, Blackberry is still popular in India.

As for the app it’s the standard template. All the things you want to do on Naukri can be done using just the mobile app. There are close to 50K downloads on the Android market which is very impressive.

If you are behind a corporate firewall and are also looking for a job change, this app is a must-have.

Links : Android | iPhone | Blackberry

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