And that’s how the cookie crumbles. Cafe Coffee Day has tied up with Mojostreet or is that Mojostreet tied up with Coffee Day (CCD)? Any which way, Mojostreet displaced Foursquare to become a partner with CCD. What does this mean? It means more usage for Mojostreet, the app and CCD, the meeting place which also sells coffee.

As a ‘loyal’ mojostreet user, I got this in my email :


Free Green Apple Soda

If the tantalizing Free Green Apple Soda has allured you to CCD, then you must read the fine print – it’s free on a bill of Rs. 100 and above. What you have to do is check-in to the CCD on mojostreet app (before you actually place the order), click on the redeem button, show coupon code and place your order, and get your free green apple soda. As simple as that.

This offer (and probably many such offers to follow) is available on all 1174+ CCD locations across India. This looks like a win-win for both Mojostreet and CCD. The app is available on iPhone, Android, Nokia and Blackberry. For this concept to be a real success everyone has to warm-up to the concept of check-ins and smartphones. Are we there yet? I don’t think so, but we might soon get there as we are slowly becoming a country of touch screen smartphones.

Mojostreet stats

Mojostreet has 30,000 users of which 40% are active. Blackberry is the most popular platform for Mojostreet. 78% of the downloads are on Blackberry. 71.2% check-ins are from Blackberry devices. 62.1 % redemptions come from a Blackberry device. (Via)

A question to Mojostreet

Since this is a location-based app, why can’t there be an alert based on the users location? The app already knows the geo-location of the person and I’m sure all the 1174 CCD locations should already be listed. Wouldn’t it be wiser to pop-up and tell the dude that there will be a Free Green Apple Soda if he blows enough money on a Cappucino which isn’t hot and on a Veg Hummus sandwich which is half-cooked?

I have tried my best to keep up with Foursquare but checking in always was such a chore. As for Mojostreet, I haven’t tried it yet. When I wanted to try they didn’t have an iPhone app. Now they do. But I no longer want to try. May be I should. But then, I’m not a great fan of CCD. Anything else in the pipeline?

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