1. Google showed of Samung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which will be launched in the next 2 weeks. Folks at the event are getting it free.
    2. Android home automation could just be the kicker everyone is waiting for.
    3. Android Open Accessory announced. Any Android device can talk with any other Android device built on Android 2.3.4 or later. Developers can use the ADK. (Accessory Development Kit).
    4. Next version of Android is in fact Ice Cream Sandwich
    5. Google TV will get Android market place
    6. Android updates to the OEM’s for 18 months as long as the hardware allows. A whole lot of manufacturers are onboard. Possibly putting an end to the fragmentation. Your device will receive timely updates of the new software developments, a right which was reserved for Google’s Nexus devices so far. HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola are onboard. Those are the folks which matter from a Indian context.
    7. 3.1 Honeycomb is not just for tablets: New features :a new multitasking functionality, resizable widgets, Android 3.1 devices can act like USB hosts (allows you to download images directly from digital camera to tablet; supports game controllers, keyboards, mice, etc.)

    1. Rent and stream movies using Android Market. Stream to the cloud
    2. 30 day rental period
    3. 24 hours to complete the movie.
    4. Stream movie over your browser and watch on your computer
    5. Download movies for offline viewing. Also called as pinning.

    1. Music Beta : All your music in the cloud
    2. Instant Mix : 25 similar songs. Genius playlist.
    3. No cables.
    4. Recently played music is cached for instant access.
    5. Beta out. Only for US. Everyone else can apply for beta and wait.

    1. 100 million Android devices activated
    2. 36 OEM’s, 215 Carriers, 450k developers
    3. 312 devices in 120 countries
    4. Activating 400,000 Android devices everyday
    5. 200,000 apps in Android Market
    6. 4.5 billion application installs

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